Private Group Courses

If the seasonally scheduled courses don’t work for you, why not gather a group of interested adults and enjoy the convenience of a private course? When forming a closed group, participants have the ability to select the course topic and tailor the frequency, time and venue. Please refer to the courses page for the list of course options and then contact me for further details on cost, availability and the booking procedure.

Private Parent Consulting

Bridgett consults confidentially with parents who want to understand how the Developmental Approach relates specifically to their own children and family. These sessions are suitable for those wanting to discuss their children`s development more deeply and to share their concerns privately rather than in a general group setting.

Please email me for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Private Consultation Days
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 3pm
Evenings by Arrangement
$90 per hour

Office Location
Perry Roe Building
240-2227 St. Johns Street, Port Moody, BC, V3H 2A6

Please Note: I am thoroughly grounded in the Neufeld paradigm. I am experienced in working with groups/ individuals and I maintain a rigorous ethical standard. I am not a licensed mental health practitioner. If you are seeking the services of a registered counsellor who follows the Neufeld approach, please contact me and I will gladly refer you.
Bridgett has had a tremendous impact on our family. Over the last 2 years, I have taken several parenting courses with Bridgett and have had many one on one conversations with her about Gordon Neufeld’s Philosophy on Attachment and parenting. Attending her courses has allowed me to see firsthand how passionate she is about helping parents and their children. Bridgett is a natural teacher. She has a wonderful way of conveying her message in a form that is compassionate and non judgemental. She leaves you with a sense there is hope for all situations no matter how overwhelmed or discouraged you may be feeling. Her wisdom and shared knowledge have given me and my husband the confidence to parent our children in a way that has changed the quality of our family life for the better. I would highly recommend her services to those who are struggling or simply want to enhance their relationships with their children. Wendy, Parent of Two.

Working with Bridgett Miller and attending the courses she has presented has been one of the greatest gifts I've given to myself and to my children. The knowledge and guidance have given me a better understanding and insight on how to approach the challenges of everyday life. 

J. Fore. Mother of Two, Coquitlam

Bridgett is able to explain Dr Neufeld's method in a clear, succinct way. She offers wonderful insight and examples. She is open-minded and empathetic; in her presence, one feels comfortable about "opening up". In short, I highly recommend Bridgett and her classes to any parent wanting to help his/her child reach his potential. Katherine,BSW

Through our discussions, Bridgett introduced us to Dr. Neufeld's developmental approach. We did some research on the topic, tried some of the ideas at home, and saw immediate results with our daughter and ourselves. For example, when we reacted to outbursts by focusing on the behaviour, we experienced strong counterwill and resulting conflict. When we reacted with the developmental approach in mind things went so much smoother. Thank you, Bridgett. Your insight has been priceless to our family. 
L.T.Lama, Port Moody

Bridgett is a precious gem than nonchalantly casts out words of wisdom that have the potential of changing everything for the better. 
J. Irvin, Counsellor & Private Practitioner

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