Bridgett’s passion for her work with parents is driven by her firm belief that all caring adults operate from a place of good intention. We all strive to do what is best for our children and then we hope like crazy that our best intentions will be enough to grow them up into happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Parenting over the decades appears to have become more of a challenge. No longer do we trust ourselves to figure it out as we go along. Instead, many of us buy into the modern day misbelief that ‘a well-informed parent makes the best parent’. Long before our children are born we begin scouring for information. We look at what others are doing, read books, blogs, magazines and websites and before we have been able to absorb even a fraction of it, we become parents. It is then that our search intensifies as we consider our every parenting interaction to be a defining moment for our child and the pressure to get it right consumes us.

Without a doubt, and often without being conscious of it, our parenting philosophy is coloured by our childhood experiences with our own parents and caregivers. These interactions, be they good or bad, ultimately influence the parenting style that we use with our own children. Whilst we strive to do the best we can, we inevitably run into parenting difficulties and in these moments we feel even more insecure about our ability to raise children and our confidence wains.

Once this cycle sets in, few can resist the powerful allure of the internet. We spend hours searching for ‘what to do when’ solutions recommended by experts with strings of impressive qualifications behind their names. In our state of confusion we begin to buy into what are touted as ‘effective parenting solutions’ and yet nothing really seems to work as well as we had hoped.

Don’t misunderstand me; I am not opposed to experts or their opinions. What I do struggle with is the impact that so many general strategies have on children who are distinctly unique. There is no one size fits all solution and when we believe there is, we incorrectly assume that it is our implementation of the technique which is at fault. Our confidence as parents takes yet another knock, and this seriously affects our ability to do the most important job in the world, that of truly growing our own children up.

Unfortunately for many of us these knowledge seeking expeditions have led us further and further away from our natural instinct to parent. We have slowly and unconsciously become educated out of our intuition. We begin to favour quick fix solutions that promise to eradicate the undesirable behaviours of our children and we desperately implement methods that outline prescriptive steps to follow. More regularly than we care to acknowledge, the ‘what to do when’ instructions evoke an uneasy feeling deep within us, yet we continue to do what has been advised because we trust that experts surely know better than we do.
Sadly, our contemporary culture has lost its way and we remain preoccupied with stamping out ‘inappropriate behaviour’. We often confuse natural behaviour with what has over time become the ‘new’ normal. Our understanding of what constitutes natural, typical behaviour has been detrimentally skewed by modern expectations of children having to be bigger, better and faster in order to survive in the world we live in today.
For me, the most concerning outcome of these unrealistic expectations is the sabotage done to the conditions necessary to deepen the child-parent relationship. Every interaction we have with our children is affected by a swirling cluster of inimitable emotions and circumstances which affects the relationship between you and your child. This bond cannot be replicated with another; it is unique to the two of you and it is what empowers you as a parent. It needs to be protected and nurtured above all else.
I have created True Growth Consulting for those seeking an alternative to prevailing parenting practices. More and more parents are beginning to question the predominantly advocated and popular Behaviourist Approach (rewards and consequences) because it is failing to have the desired long term results and in far too many instances, it is backfiring and destroying the relationships with the very children we love and care for. We are unwittingly hindering human development and as a result many children today are growing older without truly growing up.
What I hope to share with other parents is another way through, a journey of intuition, common sense and what I believe to be the very best that Developmental and Attachment Science has to offer.

When it comes to raising our own children, there are as many ways to do it as there are children in the world because everything revolves around our relationship.

Let's start there.

Bridgett's courses have been a great help to me. In the past, I used to feel criticized and thought that nobody understood the kind of problems I had with my son. Having attended her classes and sharing experiences with other parents has made me feel understood and reassured. The way in which Bridgett explains the content and shares her own experiences is what makes her classes so special. After attending a class I am full of energy and motivated to try new ways of improving my relationship with my kids. Now I'm able to understand my kids better and much more capable of helping them.

Arancha, Mother of two children, ages 3 and 6

I am so thankful for Bridgett’s expertise, empathy, and wisdom. She has helped my family so much. Before the classes, I was at a loss as to how to handle my strong-willed "alpha child", which was causing significant stress in the family. From Bridgett, I learned how to become an "alpha parent", which improved the parent-child bond tremendously. Her teaching helped me understand my child so much more - that most of his negative behaviours were due to frustration. I now have the confidence to help him deal with his frustration in a more appropriate way. His attitude toward family and school has improved, and his disposition has become much more cheerful and adaptable.

Katherine, Mother of two, TriCities

Bridgett has helped me grow amazingly as a parent over the last three years; having what has been traditionally called the "spirited" or "challenging" child, I was being bombarded with a plethora of well-meaning advice on how to deal with him. While my child was in kindergarten, it was suggested that we take him to a pediatrician and at this point it was inferred he might need medication. He was coming home daily with self-evaluations and every “inappropriate” action was highlighted. Not knowing what to do with this information we would go over and over each incident. Intuitively this did not sit well with me as I was not seeing any positive change in his behavior and instead felt that this normally joyful child was becoming angry and withdrawn.

I was fortunate to see a poster for a course called Power to Parent; The Vital Connection. It was during that course that I began to reframe the way I viewed my child. I came to realize that creating a strong emotional attachment with him was critical. I needed to keep my child emotionally safe from outside opinions and influences. By being generous with my willingness to take care of him and inviting him to depend on me I am helping him to mature into the wonderful person I know he is. Although it is not always easy and I still revert back to my ‘old ways’ occasionally, I now call on my maturity and try to normalize these events. I go back to collecting him and focus on our relationship. My family and I are forever grateful.
Bernadette P (Mother to a now joyful, active 71/2 year old and happy 10 year old)
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