Bridgett’s academic background and experience is in Education, Special Education and Psychology and this is the foundation on which she has built her developmental understanding of growth and human potential.

For over a decade Bridgett has taught in the school system and her first-hand experience in the classroom is what she draws from when working with educators. She consults with teachers, counsellors, support staff and administrators sharing insight around creating an atmosphere of belonging and support for everyone present in the school arena so that teaching may translate into learning and growth.

Whilst all of the courses offered by Bridgett are suitable for those working in the education arena, The Teachability Factor is highly recommended for educators wanting a foundational course specifically geared towards learning and development.

The Teachability Factor was developed by Dr. Neufeld with the purpose of making sense of students to the teachers, administrators and supporting professionals responsible for them. It is an insight approach bringing the best of attachment-based developmental science to bear on the issues and challenges of educating our young. The course focuses on the two most significant factors in learning and behaviour: developmental stuckness and the student-teacher relationship. Interventions flow logically and directly from an understanding of these factors.

Bridgett is an Authorized Facilitator of The Teachability Factor and is available to guide educators through this course onsite in the Vancouver, BC area. For educators living outside of this region please refer to for more information about the online version of this course.

For more details on The Teachability Factor topics and objectives please visit the Courses page.

I have loved, loved, loved the attachment work I have done with Bridgett. She is a wonderful facilitator. She is very wise and knowledgeable, kind, caring and gives personal examples which really help you learn the material. It has changed how I look at my personal relationships as well as my teaching practice. It is very powerful work! 
Tracy, Elementary School Teacher.

My family met Bridgett when my daughter was almost three and we attended her class for preschoolers. Right away we loved her open and inclusive approach to teaching. The children in her classes visibly responded to her style of connecting with them individually and as a group. 
L.A. Parent.  

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