Bridgett Miller is an Authorized Facilitator of the Neufeld Institute and works in private practice with parents, educators and other caring adults wanting to make developmental sense of the children in their care.

Bridgett’s academic background and experience is in Education, Special Education and Psychology and this is the foundation on which she has built her developmental understanding of growth and human potential. She has studied with Dr Gordon Neufeld, his Faculty and Fellow Learners at the Neufeld Institute based in Vancouver, Canada. These interactions have provided her with a fresh perspective from which to view human behaviour, learning and relationships.

For more than a decade Bridgett has taught in the school system and her first-hand experience in the classroom is what she draws from when working with educators. She consults with teachers, counsellors, support staff and administrators sharing insight around creating an atmosphere of belonging and support for everyone present in the school arena so that teaching may translate into learning and growth.

Bridgett attributes her ability to make sense of children though this developmental perspective rooted firmly in attachment, to the intuitive language that Dr Gordon Neufeld’s approach brings. It is through this lens that Bridgett assists educators and parents to look at children’s behavioural symptoms and uncover what may be driving them to act out in disruptive or concerning ways. This deeper understanding leads adults away from the prevailing practice of trying to stamp out of behaviour and instead keeps the focus on preserving the child-adult relationship. This long term inside-out approach serves to promote and support true growth as young children grow into adolescents and ultimately into mature adults.

On a personal note, Bridgett and her husband have two daughters and a long haired dachshund and they live in Port Moody, BC, Canada.



I'm so grateful to have met Bridgett and have had the pleasure of attending numerous Gordon Neufeld courses facilitated by her. Bridgett always shares personal stories and experiences with humor and humility; this encourages me and allows me to feel like I am doing a good job and realize that "I AM my children's best bet".
Bernadette P.

I have taken a number of Bridgett’s courses. I have found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive to all participants. Personally, many of the suggestions/tools she provided have been useful to both my family and I. Bridgett has such a unique way of connecting all the dots and making the information easy to understand and apply to my situation and life. I would highly recommend Bridgett to any parent or family.
Linda, BScN.


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